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Design Projects

Water Conservation Project. Designed and Built automated irrigation system for water conservation, 1988. Funded by PNM foundation, New Mexico USA.


Rio Grande Groundwater Modeling Project. Calibrated and Modified USGS MODFLOW groundwater model and evaluated log-term groundwater management scenarios and wellhead protection programs for the City of Las Cruces Municipality 1993-1995. Sponsored by the City of Las Cruces.


Mexico Groundwater Development Project: Evaluation of groundwater resources, development potentials, groundwater recharge and management alternatives for the State of Sonora, Mexico 1998-1999, Funded by government of Mexico.


Tajikistan Project  Designed and implemented Post Soviet Irrigation and Draiange Rehabilitation Projects for Tajikistan 2001-2002. Sponsored by US AID, 2002.


Uzbekistan Project. Developed irrigation, drainage and canal distribution plan for Post-Soviet agricultural development in Uzbekistan 2005. Sponsored by United States Agency for International Development US AID.


Tajikistan Project. Designed and Implemented water resources and Irrigation infrastructure projects in Tajikistan, sponsored by US AID, 2006.


Elephant Butte Irrigation District Project, New Mexico, United States. The project involved using remote sensing to assess district level agricultural water use and optimize reservoir management in New Mexico. 2008-2010. Sponsored by US Bureau of Reclamation.


EBID Hydro-Electric development project. Developed hydro-electric generation systems for EBID irrigation district using low-head drop structures. 2009-2010. Sponsored by NM government.





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